5 Easy healthy snack ideas!

Taken from Live Love Nourish

As we come to the busy time of the year, it can be easy to take shortcuts in how we are looking after ourselves. Fuelling yours and your children’s bodies with good nutrition is essential to keep up with everything. Snacks can often be our downfall when convenience is needed. As a busy Mum, I get it. Grabbing something that is quick and easy for ourselves and our kids can sometimes end up compromising on nutrition.

Organisation and preparation is key, to ensure snacks are not just sugar bursts but rather give us the necessary proteins and fats that will keep us going for longer. No one likes to crash and burn! Sugar is very good at doing this, making it difficult to concentrate whilst feeling foggy in the head.

School suitable snacks

Hommus & Veggie Sticks (celery, carrot, capsicum, etc)

Corn or rice thin topped with smashed boiled egg & avocado

Fruit pieces to dip in coconut yoghurt.

Faba Beans – great new snack available that is gluten, dairy and nut free! Available in the supermarket

Cucumber, Avocado, Mint & Coconut Water smoothies (for more sweetness, add banana!) (at home add some nuts for extra protein boost)

Snacks that are more suitable for home away from nut allergy children –

Thinly sliced apple topped with almond butter

Banana sliced lengthways with a spread of peanut butter

Apple and a handful of nuts/seeds

Inspired by Live Love Nourish! If you’re keen for some more ideas, check out this page –

Sara Harris (First Aid & Well-being)