Be a Hero – Attendance in 2022

As we wrap up 2021 and head towards 2022, we will be bringing a whole-school focus to attendance and the importance of being at school, ready to learn, to be with friends and to maximise the experience that is on offer.

School is about being part of a community, it is about supporting others and likewise, being supported. We all have an equal part to play – and no one can play our part like we do. Every student, every teacher and every parent. Whilst being at school is important for learning, it is so much more than this. Learning is not isolated to the classroom. It extends to every aspect and every interaction throughout the day.

Being at school on time and ready, helps to instil life-long patterns of responsibility that lead all the way into working life, well after school has finished.

When we appreciate that we are an integral part of the whole, in other words, we are all very needed – then the purpose of school, of being at school and of being ready and on time takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes more than just ticking a box!

To support this message, we have a new ‘motto’ for the school community, starting in 2022.


Be a HERO means – being Here, Everyday, Ready to learn, On time

  • Did you know that poor attendance makes it difficult for students to form positive friendships with their peers?
  • Did you know there is a direct link between attendance and achievement?
  • Did you know missing one day of school each week adds up to 2 months missed over a year?
  • When a student is late, they miss instructions and information and important learning situations.
  • Being late can generate feelings of unsettlement and unhappiness for the rest of the day.

If we notice patterns of lateness or absence, we will be in touch to see how we can support and work together to ensure your child is getting the most out of their experience at school.

We very much look forward to working with you and supporting your children throughout 2022!