Chess Club at Home

Dear Parents,

Felix from your child’s school chess club here.

During this term online chess tournament games will continue at 10 am on Saturday and Sunday.

I will also be creating online lessons analysing the top game from each day’s tournament and teaching other related strategy and lessons.

To join the tournament any day:

1 – Make a account

2 – check you have joined the club at:

3 – log in by 9.55 am. Click on ‘play’ and then ‘join’  the tournament.

* I will be online helping and analysing strategy live during games.

* For any parents that would prefer their child not being able to use chat functions while playing I suggest using instead.

To view and discuss the weekly lessons simply click on ‘forum’ on the right of the club homepage.

Or use this link:

No enrolment is needed.


Felix Chandler

Mindful Chess