Gender Equity at Toorak

At Toorak Primary, we have a diverse range of extra curricular activities for our students to excel in, from sport, to preforming arts, to sustainability, and various leadership opportunities.

The ‘give it a go’ mentality instilled by our teachers, has allowed many students to flourish outside of the classroom and find new passions and interests.

When looking deeper at our extra curricular activities, we were extremely proud to find a great gender balance throughout all extra curricular activities at T.P.S. It is credit to the teachers of Toorak that students feel comfortable to explore new interests that they are passionate about without stereotypes blocking their interest.

Through surveying data we have found:

  • Musical Lead Roles (2019) – 9 boys, 11 girls
  • Green Team 2019 -13 boys, 13 girls. Green Team 2020 – 15 boys, 9 girls
  • Junior School Council (2020) – 5 boys, 16 girls
  • AFL teams (2019/2020) – 1x girl team, 1x boy team
  • Softball teams (2020) – 1x girl team, 1x boy team
  • District Swimming (2020) – 50% boys, 50% girls
  • District Athletics and X-Country (2019) – roughly 50% boys, 50% girls

Our students enjoy participating in a range of activities. Here are some quotes from students who enjoy participating in extra curricular activities:

“At school, no one tells you that these activities are only for boys or girls, we can just choose what ever activities we like”.

“Me and my friends all enjoy different activities. As long as we have fun and learn that’s all that matters”.

We look forward to promoting many more extra curricular activities when students are back at school and we can safely participate in them.

the 2020 T.P.S Swim Team
Some of our Green Team in 2019 looking after the schools gardens