Girl’s Health & Well-being – a topic we ALL need to be comfortable with.

In a society where menstruation is still very much taboo and even the word ‘period’ itself is still something we shy away from, awareness and education is paramount to bring a deeper understanding to this very normal and natural part of our lives. I have been working and studying in this area of Women’s Health for many years whilst currently completing a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine. As well as the enormous lack of understanding on how to embrace menstruation, and the shame, humiliation and fear that still unfortunately comes with it, there is also the growing number of physical conditions that are associated with Menstrual & Reproductive Health. These conditions are sometimes congenital yet with the growing research into epigenetics, there are factors in diet and lifestyle that can make enormous changes to support a young woman who may experience such conditions along the way as she matures.

A woman’s menstrual cycle and all that it offers through the development of specific hormones each and every month, is vital for a woman’s health. It is super important they we understand this, that the purpose of a menstrual cycle is not just for making babies. In fact, reproducing is secondary to everything else it offers the woman on a physical, emotional & psychological level. The ebb and flow of a menstrual cycle can be challenging for a young woman (and even older women) to get a handle on, but when we really get to know what’s happening and how we can move with it rather than fighting against it, we have the opportunity to develop a whole new relationship with our body.

With body image being a huge challenge for growing girls in today’s world, having an appreciation of the wonder and magic that their body is constantly providing is absolutely essential.

Our last Parent Discussion Group for the year is on next Thursday evening on this very topic, November 15 – Understanding Menstruation and how to talk to your children about it. This session is for ALL PARENTS and adults. It doesn’t matter if you have girls or boys, in Prep or Grade 6, whether you are a man or a woman – this is a topic we ALL need to learn about and through our discussions we begin to lift the taboo and the veil of shame that clouds this topic.  Would love to see you there!

Sara Harris

First Aid & Well-being

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Parent Well-being Discussion Group - Thursday October 18th 6-7pm & Thursday November 15th 6-7pm

October Topic: Connecting with our kids. How do we do this effectively? November Topic: Understanding Menstruation and how to talk to kids about it? (Relevant for boys & girls).