Grade 3-6 House Cross Country

This year the Grade 3-6 House Cross Country will be on Monday 30 April from 10am at Orong Romanis Reserve. Students will walk to the venue with their teacher from 9am. All students from grade 3-6 will compete in their age groups. It’s a fair distance and the holidays is a great time to build up aerobic capacity and train for the event. Please see the map below of Orong Reserve for the approximate course. The aim is for all students to confidently complete the race and a trip to the venue on the holidays with the family for a couple of laps to walk the course would be appreciated!

Students can pack their snack, bring their drink bottle, and wear their house coloured top and runners. If the UV is over 3, students are to bring their hat and wear sunscreen.

The age groups are determined by age as of December 31, so those who are 8/9/10 or will turn 8/9/10 this year will be in the 8/9/10 age group.  The distance and age groups are as follows:

8/9/10 year old boys and girls – 2 kms
11 year old boys and girls — 3 kms
12/13 year old boys and girls – 3 kms

Races will run from youngest to oldest and all students will stay till the completion of the last race. If it’s raining lightly the event will go ahead and if thunderstorms are forecast, the event will be postponed.

I would like to coordinate as many parent helpers as possible. If you are able to help, please email the school, speak to your class teacher or speak with Miss White. We need parents to help with the marshalling, place giving, timing, judging etc and also to assist walking to and from the venue (and extra help crossing the road at the lights).

There will be a one lap grownup/teacher race at the end of the day too, so please get training!

The Prep-2 House Cross Country will be held at a later date in term 2 at Brookville Gardens and students will run approximately 1km.