Grade 3 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

On Friday 13th March, the Grade 3 cohort went to Healesville Sanctuary. We all had a fantastic day! Here are some student reflections on what they learned from our Excursion:

That Koalas sleep 18hrs of the day.

  • Sonny

Eagles have the longest wingspan.

  • Thomas

We need to use recycled toilet paper to save birds.

  • Ella

The possum was an endangered species.

  • Andy

That koalas eat eucalyptus.

  • Aneira

There was a bird that had 2m long wings.

  • Ernie

Koalas move very slowly.

  • Freddie

There are different types of kangaroos.

  • Frankie

That wallabies are endangered.

  • Anwar

That if a diseased Tasmanian Devil fights another, it will pass on the disease.

  • Tilly

I want to help Tasmanian Devils fight back.

  • Theo

That Eastern Qualls are nocturnal.

  • Isabel

That some animals are so endangered that you can only find them in two places.

  • Oscar

Possums go into the birds nests and eat the eggs in Tasmania.

  • Aanya

That little birds barrow down in the trees. We need to stop cutting down the trees.

  • Benji

That Tasmanian Devils bite each other and then they get lumps on their bodies.

  • Imogen