Grade 5 Excursion Chinese Museum and Restaurant



Currently in history class the Grade Fives are exploring Migration of the Chinese people to Australia before World War One. In preparation for the upcoming lessons of the unit, the students went to Chinatown to further explore and understand the Chinese experience of migration to Australia

On Wednesday 29th July the Grade Fives took a tram from Toorak to China Town in the city. Walking through Chinatown, we could already see that this street was different to the surrounding streets. Whether we looked up, down or around we could see colourful decorations, Chinese lanterns, and signs that were written in Chinese.


Once we had our walk through Chinatown, the Grade Fives then visited the Chinese Museum. During our tour we learnt about how many of the Chinese people migrated to Australia in 1850’s during the Gold rush. We learnt about many of the harsh and difficult experiences that the Chinese went through, but we also learnt about their fascinating culture, lifestyles and many of the amazing inventions, medicines and delicious foods that were brought to our country.


After we had the awesome experience of the Chinese Museum, we took a short walk to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown to taste many of the delicious Chinese delicacies that we learnt about at the Museum. We had a selection of dumplings, rice, noodles, and Chinese tea. The food was absolutely delicious, and the excursion was a great learning experience for us all, in preparation for our upcoming History projects.


We would like to thank Mr. Patterson, Mrs Lomas and the wonderful parents who helped out.

Mia 5/6c and Guillermo (Memo) 5/6c


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