House Cross Country

House Cross Country
Very well done to all grade 3-6 students who ran at the TPS House Cross Country event at Orrong Reserve last week. Thanks to the teachers who walked the students to the venue safely and also to the parent helpers who met me at the ground, those who helped on the day and also to those who came to watch. What great weather we had! Well done to the following students who clocked some impressive times and congratulations to Luca Schiavo (grade 6) and Charlie Fawcett (grade 5) who are the fastest students in the school over 3kms!

2kms, 8/9 Boys: Dimitri 8.01, Eddy 8:03, Zeus 8:13, Haydon 8:27, Tanish 8:30, Henry 9.15, Max 10.50, Raffa 10.51

2kms, 10 Boys: Harvey 7:28, Edouardo 7:29, Axel 8.09, Guy 8:12, Ben F 8:14, Eddy 8:29, Luke 9.06, Orlando 9:13.

(These 8/9/10 age groups are combined when competing at the next level)

3kms, 11 Boys: Charlie F 13.21, Dimitri B 13.28, Jayziah 13.46, Max 14.00, Will C 15.36, Christian 15.54, Hudson 15.55

3km, 12/13 Boys: Luca Schiavo 13.15, Robbie 13.52, James L 14.28, Jye 16.21, Charlie P 16.40, Mobin 16.44, Luca Sokolich 17.18, Grayson 17.27

2kms, 8/9 Girls: Marli 8.34, Sophia 9.06, Claudia 9:31, Estella 10.12, Isabella C 10.23, Isabella S 10.23, Alice 11.49, Archelle 11.54

2kms, 10 Girls: Ivy 8.22, Poppy 8.29, Audrey 8.34, Sophia 8.40, Sasha 8.43, Saffron 9.13, Eugenia 10.11, Maya 10.30

(These 8/9/10 age groups are combined when competing at the next level)

3kms, 11 Girls: Katya B 14.14, Molly 15.07, Daisy 15.53, Ginger 16.12, Chrissy 16.13, Emily 17.57, Romy 18.01, Skye 18.07

3kms, Girls: Josie 13.52, Hannah 14.18, Atara 15.26, Izabela 15.36, Kat 15.58, Adelaide 16.03, Charlotte 16.03, Carla 17.21

A mention to the students who made special efforts to build their aerobic capacity in the lead up to our carnival and practised after school and on the weekends. In PE we discussed how building endurance helps with our cardiovascular health and also improves our fitness levels. Running that distance is no mean feat!

*A note to clarify: At the House Cross Country/Swimming/Athletic carnival; the 8/9 age group is run separately to the 1O year old age group, however, at the district level, these age groups are combined. Therefore, the fastest are selected based on times.

District Cross Country
Was held on Tuesday May 7 at Fawkner Park. More information on this event will be in a future blog post.

P-2 House Cross Country
Will be held on Tuesday May 28 at Brookville Gardens (pending weather conditions).

Grade 1 and Grade two Swimming Lessons, Richmond Klim Swim
Grade one swimming lessons will conclude this Friday (with the catch up lessons scheduled for next week). Thank you to all the parents who attended. The grade two swimming program will commence on Monday May 13 and go for two weeks (excluding Wednesday May 15). More info on Compass.