Kindness Spreads Throughout Toorak:

Arjun, 1C, made an artwork to brighten peoples day and give thanks to critical care workers.

During the first 4 weeks of term 2, Toorak Primary has magnified its focus on our value, kindness. Classrooms have unpacked what kindness means and how it looks in our school and the wider community.

From this, an idea was formed to spread kindness to our community far and wide, and our ‘Random Act of Kindness Challenge’ began. 

Sienna, Prep B, and Tristan, 2E, traced their bodies and sent this ‘virtual hug’ to their grandma who is in a Nursing home and cannot have visitors or real hugs.

Hundreds of students from Toorak made it their responsibility to make other people happy with a random acts of kindness.

We saw a wide range of kindness acts, from leaving ANZAC biscuits at the door for your neighbours; to creating posters of happiness and putting them up in grocery stores, hospitals and on windows to brighten other peoples day; to making care packages and sending them to elderly grandparents; to doing chores for busy parents; to setting up community boxes to allow other people to access used toys and books (all were disinfected first).

Our students at TPS have given thousands of people a reason to smile during what has been a tough time for many.  We thank our TPS students for taking our school values and spreading kindness throughout all of Toorak and Melbourne. 

Over the next four weeks we will turn up the scope on Responsibility, so listen to your Citizenship Captains when they introduce the topic at our Virtual Assembly. Your classroom teacher will also start to look at responsibility throughout the next month.

Eddie V, 1D, made a beautiful mural on his window, to brighten any gloomy day