‘Kiss and Go’ Parking Information

The Kiss & Go zone in Brookville Road and Fairbairn Street is a short term stopping area where drivers are allowed to stop and park the vehicle for a short time ( no longer than 5 minutes) while the student exits or enters the vehicle from the kerbside doors. This enables students to walk between the car and the school, using the safety of the footpath.

Kiss and Go Zone Process
1. Stay in sequence
Drop off or pick up your child close to the top of the zone, as far forward as possible. This allows vehicles following you to enter the zone in an orderly manner.
2. Curbside Entry and Exit
ALL children must enter and exit a vehicle from the curbside under no circumstances should this be from the driver’s side!
3. Driver Duty of Care
Observe traffic when entering or leaving the zone. Use your indicator to advise when moving into or out of the zone.
4. Strictly No U-turns
Do not do U-turn in busy school zones. They are dangerous and put children at risk.

Thank you for your cooperation.