Meet and Greet Parent/Teacher Meetings

Parent, Teacher Meet and Greet will take place next week from, Monday Feb 17th  to Thursday 20th.

The purpose of the meet and greet is to establish communication about your child as a learner and as an individual.  All interviews will be 10 minutes long and cover academic and wellbeing topics. This will replace the parent information night, however, a newsletter will be on Compass prior to the meet and greet, which informs you of all relevant information pertaining to your child’s year level. Bookings can now be made via Compass.

In preparation for this meeting we ask that you come prepared to discuss some or all of the questions below, that you feel are relevant to your child’s learning.

Focus Questions

  • What does the teacher need to know about your child as a learner?
  • What does the teacher need to know about your child’s wellbeing? ( Family, social or personal concerns)
  • Do you have any questions about the Year Level Newsletter?
  • What are your child’s passions?

Kind regards
Sharon Wildermuth
Assistant Principal