Parent Opinion Survey 2018 Results

Dear Parents and Carers,

As part of  Toorak’s School Strategic Plan (2015-2018) the school wanted to achieve an upward trend in all variables of the student attitudes to school data and parent opinion surveys- particularly under student wellbeing and learning confidence. Over the past two years the survey questions and scoring rubric have been changed. This meant that the only data available to determine trends was the 2017-2018 surveys.

In terms of 2018 data results:

Development of student confidence and resiliency skills received an 81%  positive response.

Student agency and voice received a 73% positive response.

High expectations for success received an 83% positive response.

Student connectedness received a 91% response.

Positive student transitions, both internally and externally received a 79% positive response.

Much of our feedback from parents was very positive. Some comments were:

“What makes the difference at Toorak is that its teachers seem to be given time to provide innovative learning opportunities for children, rather than becoming overly pre-occupied with their own measurement or external assessments. The school also places a high level of confidence in my child’s ability to take on projects, set tasks and even push himself beyond what he thought he was capable of achieving. I believe it is a credit to the school that teacher’s are respected and valued. The teachers seem to be encouraged to work together as well. I’ve noticed that if my child is struggling on a topic, it is identified early and then he is sent to a small group where a teacher skilled in teaching that topic works with the children in a concentrated lesson. What we really love is how in year 4, the homework tasks are set at the beginning of the term, so that they can choose when they will focus on each task. Since many of these require advanced planning, I’ve noticed how this has increased my son’s ability to manage projects and he has engaged in these with considerable interest. My son has also responded positively to the mindfulness training provided by the school. Overall, our experience with the school has been very positive and I feel he is being well-prepared not just in terms of academics, but for life in general.

“I currently have two children who attend Toorak Primary School and a third who will join the TPS family in a couple of years. I’m so impressed by the teaching staff as well as the leadership at the school and the amazing staff at the office. My children have developed amazing skills and advanced their learning abilities due to the dedication and high standards provided by the teaching staff there. My children and I are so proud to be part of the TPS school community. Thank you for providing such a high level of education – not only the Reading, Writing and Arithmetic areas, but the social, sustainable, science, environmental, multi media based areas of this new world. These lessons are so valuable and much appreciated. Thank you Toorak Primary School!”

“Toorak Primary School feels like a safe and positive school and my children enjoy going to school everyday. The community around the school is also safe so they can walk to school. I am happy with the enthusiasm of the teachers – they look like they enjoy teaching and are positive and engaging yet professional and discrete as well. I feel the quality of the teaching is very good although the I am disappointed that there is a lack of emphasis on the old fashioned hand writing and times tables but that is not the fault of the school. I feel that the school ‘does the right thing’.

“I would love if the school provides more after school extra activity, for ex. LEGO engineering, Creative writing, science activity etc.. It would be more helpful for parents, instead of taking kids to different places, the child is in the school premises itself.”

In 2019, as part of the new Strategic Plan, TPS will work to improve Student Voice and Motivation within learning as well as continuing to build positive, trusting relationships with our school community. Thank you for your support and feedback regarding how we can continue to improve Toorak Primary School’s current systems and academic rigour.

Tracy Skiba

Assistant Principal