Principal Message

We almost made it through the whole school assembly on Friday before the heavens opened.  Inclement Autumn weather conditions have made it difficult to hold weekly whole school assemblies. We are considering the possibility of alternating indoor assemblies for junior school and senior school. Thank you and congratulations to Samantha Hill and Matthew Hamilton for the way in which they lead the assembly so capably on Friday.

All NAPLAN assessments have been completed. We now await the results which will be sent to the school in due course. Data from NAPLAN is very useful in guiding future directions for our English and Mathematics Programs.

Investigations into the basketball court synthetic grass covering is still being investigated. We have a quote which is acceptable but need to decide whether to level the surface or leave as is.

Please continue to encourage children to use the supervised crossing in Brookville Road since we are currently in a trial phase. Should the numbers using the crossing continue as they are, Stonnington Council will provide an ongoing supervisor at this crossing. Please remember also to travel south along Fairbairn Road at drop off and pick up times to minimise traffic congestion.

School Attendance

Regular attendance at school is very important for your child’s learning and social development. Acceptable attendance is 95% and above. We understand that sometimes children are sick and need to stay home to get well. But other than that, children need to be at school as much as possible to ensure that they have the best opportunities for learning.

Regular daily attendance helps ensure students have a successful educational experience. Irregular attendance can interfere with your child’s progress and learning.

The table below gives you an indication of how attendance impacts on your child’s learning. A day here and there does not seem like much but:



When your child misses just


that equals


 which is


Accumulated effect P-12

1 day a fortnight 20 days a year 4 weeks of school nearly 1.5 years of learning.
1 day a week 40 days a year 8 weeks of school nearly 2.5 years of learning.
2 days a week 80 days a week 16 weeks of school over 5 years of learning


3 days a week 120 days a year 24 weeks of school over 8 years of learning

Thank you for your anticipated support in ensuring that children are at school unless there are sound reasons for absences.

Julie Manallack