Principal Message

School Review

Every four years Government Schools undertake a School Review. The School Review is an opportunity for achievements over the previous four year period to be shared and celebrated with the community. In preparation for Validation Day in Term Four, a whole school self evaluation will begin before the end of this term with a survey for the parent body, seeking information on Academic Excellence (Student Learning) and Collective Efficacy (Parent Communication). Students and staff will also be asked to provided information to support the self evaluation process. Throughout Term Three, data on past performance will be collected to share and discuss so that a new Strategic Plan can be developed for the next four years. School Council members will undertake a training session on June 19 to fully inform them of their involvement in the process. The school community will be updated throughout the School Review period.

Year Six Rugby Tops

I would like to thank Lena Weaver and the group of volunteers who worked so hard to organised the Year Six Rugby Tops. Senior children look very smart as they proudly wear them around the school grounds and will be readily recognisable at school events such as Gala Days.

Student Progress Reports

This term,  student reports have been modified to reflect feedback from the school community regarding the information contained in the reports. Changes have been made to ensure student progress is communicated in a more transparent, personalised manner. Feedback will again be sought  to further improve the end of year Student Reports. We look forward to hearing your views on the mid year document. From Friday June 15th, reports will be available online. Parent Teacher Interviews will follow in the last two weeks of this term with bookings via Compass.

New Office Staff

Chelsea Rowlings is the new Administration Officer in Toorak Primary School office. She began working in her role this week and seems to be enjoying meeting our school community. Please call in to introduce yourself when visiting the school. Welcome Chelsea!