Principal Message

Stranger Danger

Recently there have been two reports of our students encountering, “Stranger Danger” incidents travelling to and from school. Please speak with your children about actions to take should they experience such incidents. At school, as part of the Wellbeing Programs, teachers discuss various situations with students and how to keep themselves safe from harm. Some tips for parents are, make sure children walk in groups, stay on the main walking paths, walk home at the same time as other school families, come to school at around the same time as others and utilise OSHC if an early start or late finish is required. The Department of Education has an Emergency Management system where alerts are recorded and shared with neighbouring schools so that all local communities are aware. Local police are also extra vigilant when a report is made. We must work together as a community to keep each other safe especially in and around our school environment.

Enrolment Management

As enrolments continue to increase, pressure is placed on all resources at our school. Currently there is no need to place a zone around this school. However, there are boundaries in place and can be accessed on, “Melbourne School Zones”. The Regional Office of the Education Department  is now insisting that families attend their local school based in these zones. Currently many families at Toorak Primary School reside in other local school catchment areas. To manage future enrolments, all families will be directed to their local school. It is also anticipated that the number of students entering the school at Foundation will equal those leaving in Year Six. To date, we have been the recipient of extensive government building works enabling our enrolments to increase. This may not continue to be the case since the final single storey classroom will make way for a double storey building over the next school holidays. Toorak Primary School is a school of choice in the local area. I will be supporting local government principals and the Department of Education to ensure all local schools enjoy the same privilege.