Principal Message

As we begin the final term for 2018, a host of events begin to appear on the school calendar. Traditionally, the weeks leading to Christmas are filled with excitement and celebrations. Our new Foundation students for 2019 will begin their transition from kindergarten to school over the coming weeks with Parent Information Night this evening. At the other end of the scale, our year six students are preparing for their Graduation ceremony as they move into secondary education. Yes indeed, Term Four is another busy one!

Year Three students and staff have returned from an extremely valuable and enjoyable camp to The Lady Northcote Camp. Staff reported that all students were very well behaved and gained a great deal from the camping experience. Thank you to all staff for providing our students with such a wonderful experience. Over the next couple of weeks, the major events will be the Kids’ Glow Disco and the annual Fashion Parade. Both events are much anticipated – one by the children and the other by the women in our community.

Foundation and Year One Swimming Program begins tomorrow.  The program takes place each Friday for ten weeks. We have been fortunate to access swimming lessons in the Summer months which ensures the experience is a pleasant one for all involved.

Please remember that we are a SunSmart school which requires all students to wear a hat when outdoors. When the temperature reaches 30 degrees, a hot day timetable will be called which is similar to a wet day timetable.

The School Review Validation day takes place on Wednesday October 17th.  Panel members for Validation Day include Heather Norbury (School Reviewer), Stuart Andrews (SEIL), Julie Manallack, Tracy Skiba, Michelle Osborne (School Council President), Aaron Cox (Challenge Partner) and Matthew Vines (Challenge Partner).

It is a pleasure to welcome everyone back to school for Term Four.

Julie Manallack