Principal Message

What a fabulous Art Show ! Thank you to Lynne Ring and Susan Tate our extremely talented teachers, who work so hard to encourage all students when exploring their creative talents. On display throughout the week were some of the most colouful and unique creations which have been produced over the course of the year.  Thank you to all school community members who enjoyed sharing in the artisitic abilities of our students.

On another note – after 35 years of teaching at Toorak Primary School, Mrs Lynne Ring will retire at the end of this year. Despite intense encouragement, Lynne has refused an official farewell function but would appreciate having community members say their final farewells personally at a suitable time before she leaves. All students will have the opportunity to farewell Lynne in a variety of ways as the days go by. Staff on the other hand will insist on a morning tea to celebrate Lynne’s long and productive career.

Yesterday I met with all year six leaders to seek feedback on the successes of their leadership roles during 2018.  I also sought their input into suggestions for improvement as we head into 2019. Overwhelmingly, our young leaders mentioned greater student voice and agency in all aspects of school curriculum and organisation as we move forward. Thank you to all student leaders for the roles they have undertaken during 2018.

Julie Manallack