Principal Message

Another term is nearing an end! We have achieved so much over the past ten weeks with the school musical being the highlight. Our whole school community was involved in this fabulous production and I thank everyone who contributed so much. To the Musical Director, Miss Emily Fairweather, school staff, students and parents, in particular Mandy Drury, Susan Scholtz and Margaret Monks, thank you for supporting our wonderful school.

The most recent sporting achievements were at the District Athletics with Sophia Iles, Josh Wilkinson, Josip Albert, Makara Sok, Alex Stone,Daniel Ignjic and Tom Templeton participating.We received excellent feeback on the way in which our students conducted themselves on the day. Some outstanding results were:

Mak S – 1st in 100m; 4th in Hurdles; 1st in Relay

Dan I – 1st in Relay

Alex S – 1st in Relay 

Tom T – 1st in Triple Jump; 2nd in Long Jump; 1st in Relay

These students will progress through to the Regional Carnival in October. Well done to our athletics competitors.

Last Thursday, STEM Day – Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths, was held at Toorak Primary School.The day provided an opportunity for all students to be involved in a range of STEM activities designed by school staff. Staff were so excited  about this initiative that I’m sure the students found their enthusiasm infectious. The day concluded with assembly where many awards were presented to a large number of students.

Footy fever and belated Fathers’ Day breakfast will take place on Friday morning with a barbeque, coffee cart and kick to kick footy. Assembly will follow the celebration which is a fitting end to the term. All Dads and special male figures in the lives of our students are welcome to join the school community for breakfast.

Preparations for 2018 have already begun. If you have a child or know of a child who turns five years of age before April 30th, please enrol them as soon as possible as Prep transition will begin next term. If you will not be returning to Toorak Primary School in 2018, please inform the school office so that we have accurate student enrolments when formulating classes for next year.

A reminder that school finishes at 2.30 on Friday September 22nd.

Have a safe and happy Term Three holiday.

Julie Manallack