Stonington Council Parent Education Courses and OnPsych Services available at Toorak Primary School

Dear Parents,

Stonnington Council provide a great range of education sessions for parents throughout the year. The link below will direct you to the booklet regarding upcoming sessions and contact numbers for seeking assistance with wellbeing concerns and parenting advice.

Toorak Primary is also able to offer counselling services through OnPsych.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding OnPsych services
What are the benefits of my child seeing onPsych?

OnPsych staff are experts in their field. They offer professional help with simple problems like making friends to complex mental health issues, such as:

Dealing with bullying
Fears, phobias & anxiety
Behaviour problems at home and at school
Self-harm, alcohol & substance abuse
Stress of exams and relationships

Managing anger
Attention deficit & hyperactivity

Social skills

Eating disorders
Grief and loss


OnPsych also offers individual skills training:

Communication skills

Problem solving

Stress management

Anger management

Negotiation skills


Social skills training

Bully proofing



Who is the staff member  attending Toorak Primary School?

Bruna  is a passionate psychologist who works with both children and adolescents who are experiencing a range of psychological issues such as anxiety and mood disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, interpersonal, learning and behavioural disorders, exam stress, self harming and adjustment difficulties (social & situational). Bruna  employs psychological techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, client-centred and solution-focused therapy with psycho-education. Bruna firmly believes that a collaborative approach will produce the most successful outcomes for a child.

How much is this going to cost us?
Where students have a doctors referral, onPsych staff bulk bill Medicare for their work. Parents will not have to pay for this support.

How long will it take before Bruna can see my child?
Once a health plan from your GP is sought, please contact Bruna  shortly after and she will make a consultation time. Depending on demand, this may be between 1-2 weeks. For emergencies always contact 000.

How can I get more information regarding this service?

Please email the school office and they will send you information regarding accessing OnPsych services. Sara Harris, our new first aid and community liaison officer can also assist with any queries.

Tracy Skiba

Assistant Principal