Story Dogs






Toorak Primary has been running the Storydogs program for the last two years, assisting students with their reading development. Students flock to pat and chat with the friendly dog and owner teams each time they visit the school in their smart orange jackets. We recently donated $500 from community fundraising to sponsor our own dog, Beau (with owner Andrew), who will return to Toorak in 2018, along with our two existing dogs Poppy (with owner Kate) and Ferris (with owner Stephen).

Some Year 2 students who have participated in the program this year recently presented a giant $500 cheque to the Story dogs Co-ordinator Megan Morgan on behalf of Toorak Primary at assembly. They gave the following feedback about their enjoyment of the scheme;

I love reading to the dogs because now I can read picture books.  After I read I get to throw a special treat in the air and dog catches it.
I like Storydogs because the teachers help me with difficult words and the dogs make me feel really peaceful. After reading, I get to take the dogs for a walk. 
I love Storydogs because the people are kind and the dogs help me not to get distracted. Now I can read chapter books. After reading we brush the dogs and they love it. One day Poppy even sat on my feet.   
I love reading with the Storydogs because when I read, the dogs wag their tails.  
Megan is always extremely complimentary about our school , see her letter published below.

Dear Kerry,

I am totally blown away! Your children are so generous and it is amazing that a relatively small school can provide such generous support every year.
All the volunteers today commented on the excellent behaviour of the students and share my appreciation of their generosity and their obvious love for Story Dogs.
I am delighted to have Beau back in the team and am sure Andrew will be a great volunteer. Initially we were going to move one volunteer to another school but you deserve to have three great people and their beautiful dogs so I am just going to have to look around for the other schools.
We were delighted to meet (name removed )s father on the way out, he told us how much his son enjoys the program and said it has really helped his motivation.
Toorak made us feel so welcome and it is a real joy to be involved with such a wonderful school community.
Once again, warmest thanks for your support and for the hard work of all the children.

I support Megan in thanking you all for your continued support of this innovative scheme.

Kerry Merriman – Literacy Professional Learning Team and Year 2 Teacher