Term 4 Wk 9- Yr. 3 Open Classroom and TPS Science Day

Thursday 28th November was a very eventful day at Toorak Primary School as it was our whole school Science day.

We began by all coming to school dressed as mad scientists, going to an incursion in the hall, watching a mad scientist magician. It was very impressive and all the students enjoyed it.

Then the Year 3s hosted the whole school by performing different science experiments all linked to our recent inquiry topic, Forces and Friction.

We ended the day by opening up our classrooms to our parents to show them our parachutes we made with our classmates. Students have been carefully designing them to ensure if we add an egg to their parachutes and drop it from the Yr. 3 balcony, that their egg will not break. Let’s just say we had enough broken eggs to make a very large omelette. Overall, the day was a great success and all students had a wonderful and science filled day.