The Little Mermaid Update

Dances for the musical

During Term 2, all the students at Toorak Primary School joined in for Footsteps dance classes. We learnt our dances for the Little Mermaid Musical. We also learnt some other dances too. It was lots of fun and we are looking forward to performing at the musical in Term 3.

Zeeko (King Tritan)- “Everything is going well, I still need to learn how to use heelies”
George (Prince Eric)- “The Little Mermaid has been great so far”
Lorraine (Sebastian)- “So far so good!”
Alex (Ariel)- “I am playing Ariel. It is so exciting and I love rehearsing”
Year 3 Dances- “The musical is great and the we enjoy the dancing bits”


In Term 3, there will be lots of rehearsals. On Tuesdays every year level will rehearse their song and dance and on Thursdays there will be a whole school run through of the musical. We can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Prop Making Day

Thank you to the parents and friends who gave up their time on Saturday 13th of June to help make props for the upcoming musical. There will be lots more sessions during Term 3 and we would welcome any extra help.

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Miss Sinker & 4B Class