Traffic in Fairbairn Rd


You may have noticed in the past week that the traffic situation in Fairbairn Rd has been sorted!  The Stonnington Council, together with a group of our parents have come to a solution to resolve the traffic and parking issue.  What’s the solution I hear you ask…Well let me tell you:

  • Along the school boundary of Fairbairn Rd is now a “Kiss & Go” zone.
  • Along Brookville Garden is now 15 minute parking during pick-up and drop-off times
  • The new “Kiss & Go” zone on Brookville Road is now clearly marked

The solution to the parking and traffic issues will only work if we have the support of the community.  By driving south down Fairbairn Rd (towards the railway line) you will be helping us ease the traffic congestion.

Thank you to the Stonnington Council and the group of parents who volunteered their time and effort to make sure students arrive at school at the beginning of the day and return home safe and sound.

Megan Dell
Acting Principal

Toorak Primary School
Ph:  03 9827 2959