The musical,”Peter Pan” is now in full swing with students and teachers practising throughout the day. Parents have also reported that children are filling the house with beautiful music! As you are aware the musical will be staged at Firbank Girls’ Grammar School in Brighton on August 30 and 31. Fortunately, on Friday September 1st, a Curriculum Day has been scheduled. Children will be able to rest after two nights of performing “Peter Pan”. Staff will be engaged in a full day of mathematics professional development to further develop pedagogical practices and improve student learning outcomes.

The library is now functioning extremely well with all new furniture in place and shelves well stocked. Both parents and staff have worked very hard to ensure our library is fully utilised. We have ongoing, weekly support for the library program so that children are able to borrow throughout the week. Thank you for a collaborative approach to our fully functioning library resource.

Madame Anderson is currently seeking expressions of interest for students wishing to join the 2018 French Study Tour to New Caledonia. Already there are approximately 20 students from year 5 and 6 who are interested in attending. Feedback from last year’s study tour was extremely poisitive. If you require any further information, please speak to Madame Anderson. More details will be provided at as the year progresses.

Our Environmental Science teacher, Sebastian Beck will begin at Toorak Primary School on May 24th. Sebastian will continue Mr Coleman’s work in sustainability and the school gardens. Mr Coleman will provide an overview of progress thus far before Mr Beck begins developing Environmental Science lessons  involving each class across the school. This is an exciting opportunity for all staff and students to drive the sustainability message further into the school curriculum.

Congratulations to four of our students who were selected from 300 entrants, to win the ANZAC Day Poetry Competition. Atara Paul,Thomas Lin, Synthia Ekram and Abigail Farago will receive their awards at a breakfast celebration in Kelly O”Dwyer’s office next Friday. Hopefully they will be back at school in time to read their winning poems at assembly.

Congratulations to the foundation teachers for organising such a successful Mother’s Day morning tea. As well as a huge crowd, parents expressed their gratitude for the way in which their children have settled into the first year of school.

The Mother’s Day Stall has progressed very well with all students purchasing a gift for their mothers or a close female in their lives. Thank you to Lena Weaver for facilitating the event. It was wonderful to have staff and students supporting Lena on the day.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY for Sunday 14th May.