Week 8 and Learning how to Debate – Grade 1

We are getting to the pointy end of the year, and there is no signs of slowing down! Students have been working hard in class and out. In Writing, students have been sharpening their persuasive skills by understanding how writing can be powerful in changing someones thinking or beliefs. Students have written a creative persuasive letter on why their favourite colour is better than their teachers favourite colour. They have used some very convincing arguments indeed!

Outside of the classroom students have worked hard organising and rehearsing for their big performance for the Toorak’s Got Talent Grade One auditions. The performances were very entertaining and had the teachers laughing at jokes. We were amazed by the talent! It was a tough decision but the representatives for Grade One went to the 1B girls; Evie F, Keisha T, Lucy T, Viva Rose P and Lilly H. Well done girls on your achievements and congratulations to everyone who showed courage and auditioned.

Parents don’t forget about the open classrooms on Thursday December 12th were we look forward to sharing our learning. We will also be celebrating different cultures with a yummy bite to eat.

Persuasive writing
News readers Jackson and Owen
Siena Ballet Performance
Lui’s Piano Piece