Year 1 News

The Year 1’s have begun undertaking Sustainability classes with Mr Beck. We have been learning about looking after the school grounds and working as a team. We have appointed our Green Team Leaders, who are in change of working with Mr Beck and our class to help make the school a cleaner and greener place.

Each class has been given a compost bin to put any scraps of food into them. These scraps will then be taken to the garden to be given to the worms to help make our gardens beautiful.

Last week, we had our first cooking lesson with Mr Beck, where we rolled oats from organic oat kernels. Students enjoyed eating these oats with yogurt, honey and milk.

A reminder to parents to bring Nude Foods to school. We are trying to avoid throwing out any plastic and papers into the bins. 

Thanks for helping make Toorak a ‘Greener School’.