Year 2 – Terrific Trip to TaskWorks!

On Thursday, the Grade 2’s visited TaskWorks, an indoor activity centre. They had 6 entertaining, yet challenging tasks to complete, many of which required the students to work together in small groups. Some of the activities included building a robot, dressing up, running through a cable maze, Stomp-A-Stump, and completing various puzzles. At the end of the day, they had a medal ceremony similar to the Olympics for outstanding performances. The students had so much fun, many didn’t want to get back on the bus to return to school.

“Cable maze was a lot of fun. You have to go through the maze and then they timed you. The aim of the game was to try and get the quickest time.” Camilla

“My favourite was Peg Fast. There was a big wall and there were lots of holes and we had to put the pegs in the walls, and the fastest time was the winner.” Rosie

“The best thing on excursion was Stomp-A-Stump.  The aim of the game was to stomp on as many stumps as you could within 2.5 minutes with your feet.  You had to concentrate. You were put with partner, your team mate took seven turns and then you took seven turns.” Christian

“I liked the maze the best.  You had to find your way out of it.  We teamed up with a partner first and then you could try it by yourself.  To find your way through the maze, when you saw a wooden stick, you had to follow it in the direction it was pointing to get out.” Soroush

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