Yr 56 Week 1

Welcome back to Toorak PS for 2019! The grade 5/6 team have been working tirelessly to provide a seamless transition into the year. Congratulations to all the students for making such a successful start to Term One. The last week has been jam packed with activities to settle students into new routines and get to know their teachers.

In Literacy, students have been introduced to Book Club and have begun to explore and write narrative texts. In mathematics, differentiated groups are well underway to investigate the properties of number and place value. For inquiry, both Yr 5 (Colonisation) and 6 (Government and Parliament) students have been attending separate lessons and have begun to research for their new projects. Thank-you to the Yr 5’s who have been bringing in supplies for their Shoebox Diorama projects. We look forward to seeing the projects develop over the coming weeks.

Good luck to all the students participating in the Swimming Carnival next week (Wednesday 13th of February). Also a reminder to scrub up, ready for school photos on Friday 15th of February.

Looking forward to another great week!

The Grade 5/6 team,

Natalie Selisher (5A), Jenna Milligan/Leah French (5B), Louise Macaulay (5/6A), Brent Chapman (6A), Chelsea Smith (6B) & Mark Bender (6C).