Girl’s Groups at Toorak Primary

A series of Girl’s Groups will be run over the course of the year to provide an extra space for open discussion and development of activities that the girls may feel the need to initiate.

The groups will be student led and will provide an opportunity for the girls to explore their individual strengths and qualities and to recognise and appreciate their contributions to their peers, to the school, their families and beyond.

Girls are nominated across a range of backgrounds, needs and social groups. This cross section provides a unique experience for the girls to work together and connect on important topics. This engenders understanding and an acceptance of each other just by being together. Through the delivery of the program and/or project, the girls have an opportunity to express how they feel, to be heard and to be a part of a group that holds a foundation of decency and respect in all relationships. In having the consistency and space dedicated to this every week, self-esteem and confidence have the opportunity to build which then supports them in all other aspects of life. Nurturing their value and worth based on who they are (rather than what they ‘do’) and their innate and inner most qualities allows for a settlement in their body where they can feel the freedom to just be who they are and express all that they have to share.

We have Junior Groups (Grade 2,3 & 4) and a Senior Groups (Grade 5 & 6).

This semester, we have 3 Junior Girl’s Group where we will do different activities and have discussion around topics of connection, appreciating ourselves and each other, looking after ourselves and others, & friendships.

Our Senior Girl’s Group will be undertaking a community project continuing on from last years group, knitting squares to contribute to a blanket that will be presented to a local organisation supporting homeless people and those in need of extra warmth. The very act of coming together each week with a clear purpose opens the space for discussion on topics that the are current and relevant for the girls. The students will take part and be responsible for the organization and coordination of the project as well as an afternoon tea event at local nursing home Darnlee.

We will change the groups periodically and parents will be notified if their child has been nominated to participate.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please call and speak to Sara between the hours of 9am – 4pm Tuesday – Friday. 

Sara Harris (First Aid & Well-being)