Grade 3/4 Swimming Program

The grade 3/4 swimming program will commence this Monday 4 February and will conclude on Friday 15 February. A swim free day will occur on Wednesday 13 February as this is the day of the house grade 3 to grade 6 swimming carnival. Students are required to being their bathers, towel, goggles and swimming cap. We recommend 3A and 3B students wear their bathers to school under their uniform. Below is the swimming timetable –

Students will board the bus 30 mins prior to the swim session, and will arrive back at school 30 mins after the session –
3A Session 1: 9:40am – 10:15am
3B Session 2: 10:15am – 10:50am
3C Session 3: 10:50am – 11:25am
4A Session 4: 11:25am – 12pm
4B Session 5: 12:10pm – 12:45pm
4C Session 6: 12:45pm – 1:20pm
4D Session 7: 1:20pm – 1:55pm