Bienvenue à l’école primaire de Toorak! Ici on apprend à parler français.

A kinaesthetic approach to language acquisition, songs, rhymes, science, history, interactive activities, literacy and numeracy form the basis of the program. The students are exposed to the language outside of the classroom by undertaking excursions to complete trails in French at Museum Victoria, the National Gallery and the Immigration Museum. We learn about France, francophone (French speaking) countries and about their cultures during our lessons.

There are 160 million speakers of French in the world. French is spoken in Quebec, Louisiana (USA), the South Pacific Islands, Africa, Europe, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. French is also one of the official languages of the Olympic Games and the United Nations.

Research has shown that learning a language such as French in the earliest years of primary school not only advances the age of reading readiness in English (NALSAS), but also enhances literacy practices in English. In line with the Victorian Government’s Vision for Languages Education, our students will participate in the new and innovative Passport to Languages program.