Medical Forms

At Toorak Primary School we are dedicated to supporting your child with their health and medical needs. All students with a health condition and medical needs will need to have completed health plan forms at the start of every school year. Please see the outlines below to find the relevant forms for your child’s condition.

  1. Anaphylaxis Management Plan – For all students with identified anaphylactic allergies. This form must be completed in collaboration with our First Aid Officer. TPS Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plan
  2. Anaphylaxis Action Plan – to be filled out by your medical specialist and provided to us on the first day of school ASCIA_Action_Plan_Anaphylaxis_Generic_Red
  3. Asthma Action Plan – to be filled out by your medical specialist and provided to us on the first day of school Asthma Action Plan_Puffer and Spacer
  4. Student Health Support Plan – The Student Health Support Plan is a document to be completed by parents and the school for all students with an identified health care need (including Asthma & excluding Anaphylaxis). Please complete as much as possible and return on the first day of school. We will then complete the rest of the document indicating the school support and the roles and responsibilities specific to your child’s needs. Student Health Support Doc – Parents
  5. Medication Authority Form – If your child requires medication (other than Ventolin & Epipen as this is covered in Asthma/Anaphylaxis Action Plans) you will need to complete a Medication Authority Form and bring this in to the Office with the required medication. We cannot administer medication unless this has been completed.   medicationauthorityform.