Well-being in our classrooms

Throughout term 1, classrooms across the school have successfully implemented the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships program. The focus for these sessions has been consistent across all year levels. The areas we have focused on so far are emotional literacy and personal strengths.

Emotional Literacy

Emotional literacy is the ability to understand ourselves and other people. It includes the ability to understand, express and manage our own emotions, build empathy, and to respond appropriately to the emotions of others. Building a large vocabulary for emotions helps to increase emotional literacy and build self-awareness and empathy for others.

Personal Strengths

Children and young people need a vocabulary to help them recognise and understand strengths and positive qualities in themselves and others. This program provides learning activities to build vocabulary that can be used when discussing personal, social and ethical challenges.

Research in the field of positive psychology emphasises the importance of identifying and using individual strengths. Therefore, social and emotional learning programs which use strength-based approaches promote student well-being, positive behaviour and academic achievement.