Physical Education

Toorak Primary School’s Physical Education program is a well balanced, comprehensive skill-based program. Participation in physical activities provides opportunities for enjoyment, recreation, fitness, social interaction, physical and mental relaxation and competition.

Physical education lessons are timetabled weekly and include fundamental motor skills, ball skills, gymnastics/movement, athletics and games.

Our Physical Education program also includes:

• House based activities throughout the year, such as our annual Grade 3 to 6 house swimming and athletics carnival and our Foundation to Grade 6 cross country days.
• Inter-school gala days for years 3 to 6 students which include hockey, soccer, basketball and softcrosse.
• An intensive Foundation to grade 4 swimming program.
• A weekly Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for Foundation students to develop body awareness, eye/hand, eye/foot co-ordination, balance and ball skills
• Health units including food and nutrition and changes to our body across our lifespan conducted by our Well-being Co-ordinator and PE teacher.

Toorak also integrates cross curriculum priority areas such as learning about Aboriginal and Indigenous perspectives through the use of the ‘Yulunga’ the Traditional Indigenous Games document prepared by the Australian Sports Commission.