At Toorak Primary School, students are encouraged to develop positive attitudes and to acquire skills that will enable them to become competent life long learners. Our Inquiry Approach to the curriculum provides students with a wide range of linked and meaningful learning experiences.

In years Foundation to 4 the curriculum focuses on developing fundamental knowledge and skills in a range of areas including physical and social capabilities, which underpin future learning. Areas such as Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development are integrated into Science, Humanities, Health and The Arts topics and provide students with opportunities to explore and learn about the world around them.

In years 5 and 6 an expanded curriculum program provides the basis for depth in learning. Areas such as Civics and Citizenship, Thinking Processes, Information and Communication Technologies and Humanities are further developed as students become more complex thinkers and begin learning to apply practical skills they have learnt in previous years.

All students become involved in wider community issues such as Sustainability through ongoing participation in activities to develop awareness of and promote issues such as water conservation and waste reduction.