Our school has adopted a whole-school approach to sustainability. Students learn about sustainability through an integrated curriculum which includes topics such as water, biodiversity, conservation, recycling and energy. We are currently working towards being a 5 star Australian Sustainable School through Resource Smart Victoria. We have received three stars for water, waste and energy efficiency

The Green Team

Students from Grades 1 to 6 make up our ‘Green Team’, a group of students active in creating and maintaining sustainability projects.

Our school and the ‘Green Team’ contributes to a healthier planet through the use of:

  • an underground water tank which we use to flush our toilets, and water our garden.
  • recycling bins for paper, plastics, glass etc in every room and office
  • a fruit and vegetable garden, run by the students which helps to increase biodiversity
  • we are in the process of developing a new compost system to reduce our waste.
  • the Green Team have help create the frog bog to provide a habitat for local frogs.
  • a system which audits our energy, water and waste.
  • supporting whole-school environment days such as World Environment Day, Walk/Ride to School Days
  • we are a founding member of the City of Stonnington’s Green Schools Network.

Nude Food

As part of our effort to reduce our waste and encourage our school community to think about the amount of packaging they throw out, Toorak Primary School encourages Nude Food lunches. This aligns with our Sustainability Policy that states, “To continue the development of a Waste Wise ethic within the whole school community; to provide and maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing learning environment through the reduction of waste and litter; to practise waste wise principles of reduce, reuse and recycle; to reduce the cost of waste and litter management”. The Green Team members in each class check for Nude Food lunches on a daily basis. Each student with Nude Food is awarded 25 house points. The class with the most Nude Food participants at the end of each week is announced at assembly by our Green Team Captains and awarded the Nude Food trophy for the week.
Handy hints on how to make your food nude:

  • Put your child’s snack and lunch in a Tupperware container.
  • We recommend you label all your child’s Tupperware in case it gets lost.
  • If you wish to wrap your child’s sandwich, use a tea-towel or some cloth.
  • Buy a lunchbox with compartments, available at department stores.
  • Think about foods that have natural packaging like bananas and nuts.

Thank you for your support and helping us to create a sustainable future.