Principal Message

We are excitedly looking forward to the return of our thirteen students and staff currently visiting New Caledonia. During the week we received brief emails from the group and look forward to further information on their return over the weekend. The Study Tour is a wonderful opportunity for our students to become immersed in French language and culture in preparation for secondary school language choices.

Ben Armstrong, from Rotary Club Malvern, will visit Toorak Primary School next week to share photos of the water tank being installed in East Timor. Photos will be made available for all students, staff and school community members to appreciate our involvement in such a worthy cause.

It’s that time of year again when future enrolments need to be confirmed. If you know of any child who turns five before the end of April 2019 and would like to enrol at Toorak Primary School, please request an enrolment form from the school office. Similarly, if your child is exiting the school, please inform office staff .

I look forward to meeting with senior school leaders next week to share their thoughts on matters relating to the school’s organisation. In the past, students have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss successes and concerns experienced across the school, with the view of resolving any issues that may be highlighted.