Thank you to the whole school community for your involvement in yesterday’s, “Community Night of Celebration”. A brief overview of the school’s achievements including future dirctions was presented before Martin Heppel introduced the “Resilience Project”. We appreciate the support of the Prahran Football Club and Zoe ( mother of Manni, Pia and Mila Juricic) to manage the barbeque, George Ajaimi (father of Lily) who provided the food for the barbeque and the school staff for their assistance throughout the day and evening. School Leaders Mia Turner, Sharon Lomas and Daniel Addison co-ordinated the highly successful evening. Well done to all involved. We look forward to integrating the “Resilience Project” information into the wellbeing programs already utilised across the school.

All staff members are busily writing student progress reports in prepartion for parent teacher interviews to be held in the last week of this term. Reports will be available on Friday June 23rd.

Over a prolonged period of time, parents have requested the option of a holiday program on our school site. As a result, Team Holiday will be operating a holiday program for our students during the next school holidays which begin on June 30th. Please contact the school office or visit the website for more information.

Stonninton Council will be conducting a traffic and pedestrian count in the streets around Toorak Primary School over the next three weeks. I urge children and families to cross at the Brookville Road crossing if practicable. Should the number of pedestrians meet council’s criteria, a supervisor will be allocated to the crossing to ensure children cross the road safely. Thank you in anticipation.