A Celebration of Learning

Over the coming weeks parents will be given the opportunity to connect with staff in relation to the progress of their child/children. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, from over the past six months, and look forward to you sharing your child’s dreams, aspirations and their successes. At the same time, we also welcome any wonderings that you have around your child’s social and academic achievement.

Last week it was great to see the effort that students and staff had made in dressing up as a book character. Mrs. Manallack and myself found it very, very challenging to decide on three winners for the best dressed and we’ve decided that for next year we will need more prizes!

Did you know that families are the most significant influence on their children’s learning, development, health, safety and wellbeing. Your family can play a key role in helping your child prepare for school, and then succeed when they reach school. If you want to know more about how to support your child in Literacy and Numeracy then this resources has some great tips for parents – ‘LITERACY AND NUMERACY TIPS TO HELP YOUR CHILD EVERY DAY – A GUIDE FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN AGED 0-12′