Changes to Parent Rep Roles in 2018- we want your input

 As you are aware we have some fabulous parent representatives supporting the staff, students and parents at TPS. In recent years we have seen the role of the Rep change a lot and feel that it is time to take stock and look at the role of our Parent Reps heading into 2018.

We would greatly value any parent in our community joining a small group to brainstorm the role of the Rep, how best they can use their role to support the staff and parent groups going forward and put together the new model in readiness for 2018.

We would appreciate having 1 representative from each year level so that we have a better understanding of how the role changes across the year levels.

If you are keen to join this working group please send an email to the office and subject it Parent Reps Working Group.

We envisage that this group will meet a few times over the coming months to discuss and create the new model with the support of our school council members.

We really hope to hear from you about how we can use this role most effectively for those performing it and those benefitting from its services.

Many thanks, the Student Learning and Well-Being Sub Committee Team